Root Circle Invitation

Root Circle Invitation

Creating space for joyous one planet lives

One Planet Community Land Trust is a nonprofit organization in the forming stage.  We are resounding with our vision of hope and beauty moving into the opportunities offered at this time by the emerging crisis on our Earth Mother and home. We invite you to consider being a member in your best capacity to do so.

Our Root Circle (Board of Directors) will:

1. Hold and further the One Planet vision
2. Provide unique expert input to the circle
3. Participate in consent decisions using Sociocracy around:
land projects
land purchases
one planet covenants
stewardship activities
…and more
4. Work with Core Circle members via phone, email, circle meetings as appropriate
5. Attend monthly Root Circle meetings
6. Serve for a minimum of one year

We are intending a well-rounded and balanced organization to help the one planet movement grow in a healthy, stable, and dynamic manner. We are looking for the following qualities in our Root Circle membership:

1. Gender energy balance (some female, some male, some bi-gender or gender neutral)
2. Members with children and without
3. Of multi-generational composition (elders, mature adults, young adults)
4. Of collaborative spirit
5. Unto the seventh generation minded
6. Local to the Eugene/Cottage Grove/Lane Co. area
7. Composed of long term established members of the community and some new faces
8. Some folks engaged in simple living
9. Members with expert knowledge in related areas (wild tending, permaculture, communication skills with humans and non-human, easement and conservancy real estate, non-profit accounting, fundraising, etc).

If you resonate with the above qualities and feel called to serve on our Root Circle (Board of Directors), please contact us so that we can explore our fit. We also ask that you think about others in your communities that may hold some of these qualities and encourage them to consider the commitment.

One Planet Community Land Trust Bylaws 12/21/14

EIN# 82-3339815