Crystal Creek Permaculture Cluster

Our intent is to create a housing cluster or neighborhood, at Cerro Gordo Community near Cottage Grove, Oregon, providing a sanctuary for those who want to practice living a one-planet vegan lifestyle using permaculture and natural building principles.

We aspire to be a demonstration, through the practice of permaculture, of how to live a satisfying life while living no more than a one-planet ecological footprint. Additionally we have the following aims:
• A nonjudgmental, loving group process to enable the inhabitants to live harmoniously together.
• Low-cost housing for those wishing to live sustainable one-planet lifestyles.
• Produce most of the food for the residents on site through tending community gardens, forest gardens, and the surrounding wild lands.
• Source building materials from onsite or from nearby areas.
• Generate energy onsite, using human-powered tools preferentially to powered tools or machines.
• Balance of community and private spaces, sanctuary where dark skies and quiet can be enjoyed.
• Eat whole foods, plant-based diet.
(No dogs are allowed at Cerro Gordo, therefore none at CCPC either.)

We plan to form a Community Land Trust to hold the land and an LLC to own the buildings. Residents would be members of the LLC, which may use sociocracy. We also plan to be part of the OPEN Trust network of communities and lands.

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