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We envision a vibrant growing network of Earth stewardship communities with their inhabitants enjoying place-based One Planet livelihoods.

Our Mission

One Planet Community Land Trust is a parent organization that nurtures the development of One Planet stewardship communities in the Cascadia bioregion. We gather research, promote education, raise awareness and funds to support the creation of One Planet projects of various sizes including:

We see these occurring on land and easements held by individuals, land trusts, and conservancies of all sizes. The inhabitants will be living in an increasingly symbiotic relationship with the natural world, stewarding the land using permaculture and wild-tending methods.

The One Planet eco-cultural network.

The term One Planet refers to the concept of a One Planet lifestyle—a lifestyle that, if everyone lived it, would only take the resources of one Planet Earth to sustain us all, forever. For example, if we all lived the average American lifestyle, we’d need the resources of five to six planet Earths to support us, long-term. At this rate, we are destroying planet Earth’s ecosystems and our human descendants’ prospects for survival, due to global climate change, toxic pollution, habitat destruction, etc.

As we only have one planet, we support the discovery of living a fulfilling and joyous life requiring only one planet’s worth of material resources.


We are inspired by Lammas, an eco-village in Wales based on One Planet livelihoods. Planning for Lammas began in 2005 and they have been gathering extensive data about their true impact since then (as of their 2013 report, they are at 0.81 planets). In 2011 the Welsh government further codified Lammas’ efforts, allowing for rigorously planned low-impact One Planet Developments in the open countryside as part of an overall Sustainable Development Scheme, One Wales: One Planet. This legislation has legalized low-impact, indefinitely sustainable living in Wales. A First World first! We similarly anticipate opening agricultural and forest lands in Cascadia to One Planet living.

footprint Eco-cultural refers to an indefinitely sustainable lifestyle, with livelihoods that look first to “nature” for wisdom and “first peoples” for inspiration, while aspiring to live in an earth-centered, symbiotic relationship with the web of life. Seasons and cycles, from large to small, provide the keys to harmonious co-existence.
folks Eco-cultural also refers to the interpersonal relationships amongst the people living this life. We gather the best practices of well-relationship that have been found over the last centuries of human endeavor and put them to use. We understand that healing our relationships with one another is intrinsic to healing the Earth.
school OPCLT is working with local educational institutions to provide them with the meaning and practice of “One Planet” living. We work with land owners, supporting them to consider how their planning can be consistent with One Planet Development.
earth OPCLT seeks lands to establish One Planet Developments, wild-tending collectives and peopled nature conservancies. These land acquisitions will be devoted to human re-integrations with Nature. As early adopters to low-carbon footprint lives, the inhabitants will be preparing for the positive outcomes from escalating climate change.
wildcraft OPCLT is calling in and connecting with residential stewards and migrating wild-tenders. These steward/tenders will be enabled to provide in-place ecological service to the land while meeting a significant amount of their needs on the land.

Who We Are

We are long-term members of intentional communities, natural builders, food gardeners, community organizers, wildcrafters, professionals in the community, children, parents, and grandparents. We are responding with a vision of hope and beauty, moving into the opportunities offered at this time by the emerging crisis on our earth mother and home.

Call to Action

We have legally established our non-profit 501(c)(3) and are creating hands-on educational material to raise awareness and support for the movement.

We need

  • legal advocates
  • board members
  • future stewards and tenders
  • education coordinator
  • event coordinator
  • volunteer coordinator
  • website assistant
  • grant writers and copywriters

If any of these roles excite or move you, please call Finn at (541) 556 8383

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